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Worship & Arts

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Life Groups

Are you an artist, singer or musician?

Worship & Arts

3 D U

We want every individual to experience life in 3-D!

At it’s core, 3DU is a series of classes that gives you the tools and knowledge to live out your vision. Too often books & video-classes over promise and under deliver. With our hands on classes, you’ll have people who are motivated to help you move to your next level!

At the end of 3DU, each person will:

  • Define Your Destiny: Determine where you are going in life and develop a practical roadmap to get to the place your heart desires);
  • Develop in Your Purpose: Discover why God placed you on this earth and find realistic ways to live that purpose out in everyday life!
  • Discover Your Potential: Find out how you are wired, by determining your spiritual gifts and personality type. Then, learn how to use them by fulfilling your life purpose while fulfilling your destiny.



We care a LOT about the church of tomorrow.



Life is better lived, when we live it together.

Life groups give members of Believers Faith Fellowship a chance to experience life together outside of regular services.

So many organizations emphasize the “come to church!” component but neglect the relational aspect (“live life together!”).

To allow this abnormal balance to exist, is to agree to watch passively as more and more of us are shipwrecked in our faith because of isolation from one another. We need other people to “join and hold together” to, people who will remind us of our spiritual priorities.

Our life and social groups unite people with common experience giving them the opportunity to experience life together.

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Art & Music enrich our lives (and make everything better).

BFF Worship and Arts ministry is a community of artists, singers, musicians, writers and dancers who bring their gifts and talents together to worship good and communicate love and adoration for Christ.

Collectively their desire is to lead people into the presence of God so lives can be changed.