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Facilities use forms & other requests can be submitted here.

Baby Dedication


Here’s your baptism checklist:


  • Please don’t wear anything white, tight, or short. (Preferably
    wear dark clothes,)
  • If you do wear white, please wear black undergarments
  • You may want to wear something to cover your hair (wrap,
    shower cap, etc)
  • Jeans are discouraged as they absorb a lot of water.
  • Bring your own towels.
  • Bring change of clothing.
  • Bring something to put the wet clothes/towels in to carry home.


  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the
  • Someone will meet you and show you where you will change
    and where to store your clothes.


  • Will occur after praise and worship


  • A part of baptism day is us telling your story. We would like you to share your story (on the form below) sharing how you came to know Christ and why you desire to be baptized.

Facilities Use Request Form

Our facilities can be used/rented out by using the form below.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the group or individual using the facility to set up, clean up and return the facility to normal setup after the
approved event or activity.

  1. Collect all garbage into bags and bring it out to the dumpster located by the garage.
  2. Wipe off tables. If food or drink is involved, wipe all tables clean using a mild soap and water solution. If stains occur please notify office so correct cleaning solutions can be used to remove stains.
  3. Return all tables, chairs, easels, and other equipment to their proper places after your event. Return all rooms used to their normal set up.
  4. If using the kitchen, please wash and dry all dishes used and return them to the correct cupboard. Take all extra food and beverage with you unless specific plans for usage have been made. Wipe counters and leave kitchen clean and ready for the next use.
  5. Sweep floors and mop as needed. Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the office.
  6. Remove any items put up on the walls or set out in connection with your event.
  7. If the building is not in use when finished, please check that all doors are locked, windows are closed, and lights are off. Then lock up. (Set the alarm if you are the last person leaving.)

*Washcloths, towels, a broom, a dustpan, etc. are located in the kitchen. Please return these to the kitchen when you are done using them. Used
towels and washcloths can be left in the kitchen. They will be picked up and washed regularly.


  1. Check with church office for availability of date desired.
  2. There could be more than one activity that uses the kitchen in the same week. Therefore, we request that you check with the church office before
    you bring your supplies to the kitchen. (If you buy things on sale before your event, have an extra refrigerator/open space at home
    that you can store items in.)
  3. Please return items to designated cupboards. Cupboards are labeled for your convenience.
  4. Please take home
    all food and beverage items. We have limited space to store these in our one refrigerator.
  5. Clean-up: Please do all dishes, put them away, wipe counter tops and stove, clean sink and sweep floor if needed. Leave used dish cloths and towels in the sink. They will be picked up and laundered. Trash:

    Trash should be put in garbage cans and tied. Janitor will dispose of bags. Also, please put recyclables in correct container.

Thank You for your co-operation. Help us with these guidelines. This will allow us to better serve the needs of everyone who uses the kitchen.

Facilities Use Request Form

Not all equipment is available to be loaned. Please use the form below to make your request.