Life Groups

Life groups give members of Believers Faith Fellowship a chance to experience life together outside of regular services.

So many organizations emphasize the “come to church!” component but neglect the relational aspect (“live life together!”).

To allow this abnormal balance to exist, is to agree to watch passively as more and more of us are shipwrecked in our faith because of isolation from one another.

We need other people to “join and hold together” to, people who will remind us of our spiritual priorities.

Our life groups unite people with common experience and give them the opportunity to experience life together.

The tabs below show the meeting frequency. You can use the form to contact Amber + sign up.


Amber Bibbs

Life Group Director

Life Groups

Grief Life Group

Meets quarterly or as announced by group leader, Lois Johnson

LYFE College Group

Meets at MTSU every other Tuesday with occasional outings.

Marriage Life Group

Meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7P.

Men's Life Group

Meets every 4th Wednesday at 7P + has occasional outings.

Trailblazer's Senior's Life Group

Meets monthly for outings + get togethers

Meets quarterly

Women's Life Group

Meets every 4th Wednesday at 7P + has occasional outings

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