Life Groups

Objective: Life groups give members of Believers Faith Fellowship a chance to experience life together outside of our regular services.

Unfortunately our tendency today is to emphasize the (“come to church!”) component but neglect the relational application (“live life together!”).

To allow this abnormal balance to exist is to agree to watch passively as more and more of us are shipwrecked in our faith because of our isolation from one another.

As Paul writes in Ephesians 4:14-16, we see measuring up to Christ is something we grow toward together. It is evident from this passage that life is the work of . . . a COMMUNITY! A TEAM! It is a journey that is impossible to complete solo!

We need other people with whom to “join and hold together”, others who will remind us of our spiritual priorities.

We all need someone who will be lovingly truthful to us, someone who will shine the light of truth when we can’t see the path ahead or when we’re on the wrong path!

Life groups will exist to unite people with common experience and give them the opportunity to experience life together.


Martin and Yolanda Frazier

Life Group Directors

Frequency of Meeting: Some groups will meet weekly, others will meet bi-weekly and some will meet monthly. Each life group will operate quarterly.