Daily Devotion – Thursday Aug 11, 2016

wheat(John 12:24) Jesus said, “24 Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat (Seed) falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

Your faith is like a seed. Every seed has an identity and an assignment. You cannot change the identity or assignment of the seed. No matter what you think of a seed you can’t change its identity. You can curse a seed, disrespect a seed, but you will never change what it is. Every seed has a potential harvest when placed in the right soil. If a seed does not produce the potential harvest on the inside of it, the problem is never with the seed.

The problem is the soil. Faith is released when you plant a seed. Seed is no good until its planted. Planting is an act of faith. When a seed is planted it dies. Dies in that it ceases to exist in the form it was seen and transforms into its assignment.

Faith is releasing something to produce what it was designed to do. The soil that seeds are planted in is your heart. The state of your heart determines whether or not the seed you plant will produce a harvest. Once you understand the seed and the soil you are ready to enter into the process of sowing and reaping.

Here’s the principle of sowing and reaping: Whenever you have a need, you plant a seed. Whatever it is you need — more time, more energy, more money, more support, more relationships, more wisdom — just plant a seed. If you need more time, give more time to your kids.

If you need more money, give it away to someone who needs it. If you need more wisdom, share what wisdom you have with others. Give yourself away! It may not make sense to you to give away something that you need more of, but that is exactly the kind of attitude that God wants to bless and that will produce fruit in your life.

When you have a need, don’t gripe about it, don’t wish about it, and you don’t even have to pray about it — just plant a seed!

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