Daily Devotion – Friday Aug. 12, 2016

feildJesus taught a great parable in Mark 4:2-18.

He compared sowing the Word of God in your heart to a farmer sowing seeds in a field. Jesus described 4 types of soil that represent 4 conditions your heart can be in. Every soil in the parable gets the same seed just like we all get the same Word. If a seed produces a harvest it is based on the quality of the soil which is your heart.

Soil #1 – Seed sown along a path and bird comes and eat it. This is the heart where the Word of God is sown and the devil comes and takes it away. How does the devil do this? He discredits the credibility of the sower, he discredits the soil, and finally he attacks the credibility of the seed so you don’t believe it.

Soil #2 – Seed sown among rocks. The seed sprouts immediately, the sun comes out, and the plants was scorched because it had no root. This heart is the type is shallow. The Word is received with immediate joy. However as soon as a test arises for the Word sake you crumble. In this stage you many people take the attack of the enemy personal. It’s not personal! The attack you are experiencing is because Satan doesn’t want you to believe the Word of God on the inside of you!!

Soil #3 – Seed is sown among thorns. The seed began to produce but the production is choked out by the weeds. This type of heart produces fruit but the production is choked out by the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, and desire for other things. In this situation you fall more in love with the fruit than you do the sower and the seed. Always remember trees never bear fruit for the benefit of themselves. The bear it for the benefit of others. With this heart the Word produces but it is just outnumbered by the weeds.

Soil #4 – This is the type of heart we want to have. This heart hears the word and accepts it and bears fruit, thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold. To exist in this place, you have to get in a place to hear the Word of God, accept IT as reality for your life, and live according to the promises of God.

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